Revolver Pricing

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Complete clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble (rust

            removal and or excessively dirty firearms are additional)               $40.00

Recrown most revolvers                                                                                   $60.00

Drill & Tap for scope mounts                                                                            $60.00

Revolver action job/clean and smooth action

            (spring kits and parts additional)                                                         $110.00

Rebarrel most revolvers (remove old barrel, install factory barrel)               $160.00

Set back most revolver barrels (includes: barrel removal, setting back

            one turn and timing, shorten barrel shank to set barrel and

            cylinder gap, recutting the throat, reinstalling the barrel and

            test firing)                                                                                       $160.00

Install colored front sight insert                                                                        $60.00

Remove or modify hammer spur                                                                  $80.00

Convert square butt frame to round butt (bluing additional)                                 $120.00

Chamfer barrel throat                                                                                        $60.00

Chamfer cylinder chambers                                                                                  $60.00

Straighten Crane                                                                                       $80.00