Rifle Service Pricing

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Complete clean, disassemble, safety check, oil and reassemble

(rust removal and or excessively dirty firearms are additional)                      $30.00

Check headspace                                                                                    $40.00

Make chamber cast                                                                                  $60.00

Lap barrel                                                                                               $80.00

Cut and crown average barrel (sight work additional)                                    $80.00

Recrown only                                                                                           $60.00

Install new bolt handle, (handle not included) starts at                                 $120.00

Inlet new bolt handle to stock and receiver                                                  $60.00

Install tactical bolt knob (parts not included)                                                $120.00

Checker bolt handle (per panel)                                                                 $100.00

Drill and tap rifle receivers for scope mounts                                                $60.00

Drill and tap for open sights front & rear                                                      $60.00

Drill and tap hard receivers

(Springfield, Enfield, Savage 99, Ruger Mini 14)                                            $80.00

Drill and tap for side mounts (starting at)                                                     $80.00

Drill and tap for peep sights                                                                        $80.00

Inlet stock for peep sights or side mounts                                                    $80.00

Jewel bolt (starting at)                                                                               $120.00

Jewel extractor                                                                                          $80.00

Jewel follower                                                                                            $80.00

Zero in rifle at range, ammo not included                                                     $50.00 

Glass bed finished rifle, starting at                                                              $100.00

Install aluminum pillars and glass bed                                                        $160.00

Inlet & glass bed semi-inlet stock                                                               $80.00hr

Dovetail for open sights (per cut)                                                                $60.00

Trigger work on request (starting price)                                                        $80.00

Rechamber most rifles (bolt, extractor & feeding work additional)

            Starting at                                                                                   $180.00

Mill model 70 Win & 700 Rem. For stripper clip                                             $180.00

Install Uncle Mike's swivels any style (swivels not included)                            $40.00

Fit low swing safety Timney, Wisner or Dayton Trasiter

            (parts additional)                                                                          $100.00

Install three position safety (safety not included)                                          $80.00hr

Engrave or electrochemically etch the caliber into the side of

            a barrel (rebluing additional)                                                          $60.00



Convert 700 to Sako style extractor (parts additional)                                   $160.00

Alter 760 From 35 Rem. To 358 Win or 35 Whelen                                       $200.00

Solder bolt handle back on 700, includes rebluing handle area                      $120.00

Replace rivet-in extractor on 700 (parts additional)                                      $60.00

Replace rivetless extractor on 700 (parts additional)                                     $40.00

Trigger job on Remington 7600,7400,750,7615 using a

            Timney Sear kit (kit additional)                                                      $60.00



Complete disassemble, clean, safety check, oil and reassemble                    $80.00

Maintenance rebuild                                                                                 $120.00

Magazine maintenance rebuild 3-pack (includes new follower spring,

            MAGPUL self leveling follower and complete cleaning of three

            of your magazines)                                                                      $45.00

Convert your .223 to .22LR. Practice your sight picture and trigger

            pull by shooting inexpensive .22LR ammo. (includes installation

            of new bolt carrier, bolt assembly and one 10rnd magazine

            made by CMMG)                                                                           $260.00

Additional 10rd magazines for the above (black)                                          $39.99

Additional 26rd magazines for the above (black)                                          $39.99

Completely assemble a lower from parts kit                                                 $80.00

Install custom triggers from makers like Rock River, Geissele, Jp Ent.,

            Chip McCormick, Jewell, etc.                                                           $80.00HR

Install A2 front sight base on custom barrel

            (includes machining for taper pins)                                                  $80.00

Thread barrel for brake or flash hider                                                           $100.00

Custom sights available from Trijicon, Aimpoint, JP Ent and many more             Quote

Install accessory handrail, forend, or free float tubes, many variations               Quote

Custom grips available from Hoge, MAGPUL, Command Arms

            and many more                                                                              Quote